Office Administrator

New to the events and conference management world, Maria first dabbled within a few business industries such as real estate and human resources. She obtained her Mortgage Broker License, but quickly moved into a human resources business role realizing her love for people management, customer service, and organizational planning were her strong points.

Some other interesting facts about Maria include:

  • She is the middle child of 5 siblings – and definitely displays signs of the “Middle Child Syndrome”.
  • She is a HUGE lover of [almost all] animals and has been known to have a few non-traditional pets.
  • She believes she will always be a student… At the moment, she is currently learning the Italian language and plans to one day live in Italy.
  • She is probably the most undecided, yet definite, person you will ever meet; one day she is convinced she wants the fast city life, and the next day she wants to travel the world on a shoestring’s budget.
  • Although she has far from a pretty singing voice, she LOVES to sing – belting out the tunes – especially while she is driving.