Program Manager

Jaime comes from a Public Relations background, with writing and event management as her specialties. She has over five years experience in the customer service industry, in multiple corporate roles. Her high energy, attention to detail and communication skills has given her the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments – which is every day in this industry.

Some other interesting facts about Jaime include:

  • She grew up performing on the stage – for 14 years she spent all of her spare time at the dance studio or in dance competitions.
  • She’s watched so much Grey’s Anatomy, she’s confident she has the skills to perform a craniotomy.
  • Aside from the snow, Christmas is her absolute favourite time of year – the decorations, the music, the parties and time spent with family, she loves it all.
  • She would love to own a live teacup pig one day.
  • Though she was born and raised in a small town, she’s a California Girl at heart with big dreams of living beachside one day. But only if Dragonfly relocates of course!